2007 iGEM,2007
(iGEM is an international competition in which teams of students from various fields compete for the concept and feasibility of genetically engineered artificial biological systems.)

Gold Medal

Tokyo Tech / Tokyo Alliance ( Tokyo Tech , Kyoto Univ. , Tohoku Univ. )
Received the Gold Award for its development, creation of a new promoter, and strategy for developing a gene circuit under the theme of “Differentiating E. coli.”
2008Selected as an ” MiTou(Unexplored) Youth creators (for the first half of 2008) “
(This project was launched with the aim of discovering super creators in the field of unexplored software creation projects.)
“Development of chat communication method using biometric information”
2009” UTEC Search “
Participate in Summer Internship Program

UTEC Search is a summer internship program organized by the University of Tokyo Edge Capital (UTEC) for graduate and undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Tokyo in the summer of 2009.

This program is designed to identify, among the approximately 4,000 researchers enrolled at the University of Tokyo, research results and ideas suitable for returning the University of Tokyo’s “knowledge” to society as venture capital, and to develop business plans utilizing these results.
UTEC Search participants search for innovative technology seeds as candidates for venture capital (Summer Associates) and present their business plans to members of UTEC’s Investment Committee.
2010“BIOSTEC 2010” (in Valencia, Spain)

“AffectPhone: A Handset Device to Present User’s Emotional State with Warmth/Coolness”
(Ken Iwasaki, Takashi Miyaki and Jun Rekimoto)
Selected for the “MiTOU Program (In the second half of 2009) “
(This project was launched with the aim of discovering super creators in the field of unexplored software creation projects.)
“BlueFairy: Developing a Location-Sharing SNS Platform”
2014The 156th Human-Computer Interaction Research Meeting

“Toward Augmenting Emotion: Study On Real Time ECG Feedback”
Kenichiro Iwasaki, Lenoz Carson, Masatoshi Ishikawa (Univ. of Tokyo)

“Toria : A wearable feathery device for emotional expression”
Kenichirou Iwasaki, Emi Tamaki
An interview with Iwasaki was published in the web media “Fabcross”.

“Recommendations for “PossessedHand” and “Hack Life” to control people’s hands from the outside.”
“MiTou Exchange Meeting vol.14” / “The 4th Akiba Techno Club Open Seminar in 2014”
Short presentation
An overview of the “2014 Plot Typing Course for Working Adults” held on September 13 in a vacant storefront at the Akihabara Radio Store as an interim report.
2015Tech in Asia 2015
Kickstart Stage morning pitch
JISA’s “The Next Generation IoT Workshop”

Workshop Lecturer:Kenichiro Iwasaki

9/12/2016 〜 2/27/2016,|12 classes in total.
TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield SF 2015
(Silicon Valley-based technology media event in the U.S.)

H2L,Inc is the first Japanese company selected for the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield.

Out of approximately 1,000 startups, 25 outstanding companies participated in the Startup Battlefield, a startup competition, where they presented in front of several industry leaders who served as judges.
U.S. Media Panel Innovation Awards
Selected as a Finalist

(U.S. journalists in the IT and consumer electronics fields will conduct in-depth coverage of the technologies, products and services exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN, from which innovative products with high impact on the U.S. market will be selected and awarded.)
Sponsored by Shiseido Co., Ltd.
“LINK OF LIFE “さわる”and”ふれる” . The Great Laboratory of Beauty Exhibition.”
(The Japanese words “さわる” and “ふれる” mean to “touch and feel”.)

“Happy Hacking Lips” was exhibited.
(“Happy Hacking Lips” is a joint work by H2L and Shiseido Research Center researchers.)

Crosstalk “Touch of the Future 《Happy Hacking Lips》”
Kenichiro Iwasaki (H2L) x Yuichiro Mori and Naoki Saito (Shiseido Research Center)
An interview with Iwasaki was published in the web media “appcessories”.

“Interview with Ken Iwasaki from H2L UnlimitedHand Game Controller”
“Myojo Waraku 2015” (a festival of technology and entertainment)
Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)
Speaker at pitch events for startup companies.
“JISA Digital Masters Forum (JDMF) 2015 “

“Product and Business Prototyping in the IoT Era: The Case of UnlimitedHand”
Morning Pitch Special Edition 2015
(This is a special year-end event of Morning Pitch, a startup venture pitch event held by Tohmatsu Venture Support and Nomura Securities.)

Special Theme : Venture Businesses Taking on the World from a Medium- to Long-Term Perspective

Winner of the Audience Award.

Pitch :
“UnlimitedHand” developed by H2L,Inc under the theme “Challenge to the World”.
 Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)
Article on Iwasaki in “The Nikkei”, page 32.

“How do we face digital disruption?”
“WIRED JAPAN News” Interview 

“UnlimitedHand, a device that touches the inside of a game, has begun to dissolve the “boundaries of the body”.
2016ShinaMonoLab 2016
(Shinamono Lab is a manufacturing community based in Shinagawa, Tokyo.
150 makers gather at the annual Shina Mono Labo.)

Presentation :
The story of how UnlimitedHand was developed and successfully funded.
” Creation x Technology x Contents Forum 2016″
(Sponsored by Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry)


Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)
NEDO Pitch
5th “AR/VR Venture Special”
Co-sponsored by: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Mini Maker Fair in JISA
(Exhibition of works created in The Next Generation IoT Workshop)
JISA’s “2th Next Generation IoT Workshop”

Workshop Lecturer:Kenichiro Iwasaki

4/9/2016 〜 7/30/2016, 10 classes in total.
Interview was published in “ASCII STARTUP” (2016/5/20 )

Your arm will be hacked! UnlimitedHand, a tactile game controller with a badass physical feel.
Infinity Ventures Summit 2016 Spring Miyazaki
Launch Pad
Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)

2nd, H2L.Inc.  
“Unlimited Hand”, the world’s first tactile game controller

Sony Startup Switch
(Business plan competition for startups organized by Sony’s new business creation program “Seed Acceleration Program”.)

H2L,Inc. won the championship.
Appeared on JP TV program “World Business Satellite(WBS)”

“UnlimitedHand” was demonstrated and introduced.
D2T(meet-up event in the digital health field)
(Pitches about their services by 10 high-profile startups with the potential to transform the digital health industry in the future.)

Talks about efforts to use the PossessedHand in the rehabilitation of hemiplegic patients and the goal of learning to rehabilitate hand movements with the “PossessedHand”.
Appeared on JP TV program “Morning Charge”
UnlimitedHand was demonstrated and introduced.
Appeared on JP TV program “News every”
UnlimitedHand was demonstrated and introduced.
4th From the Port of Toyosu Presents Open Innovation Business Contest
(Creation of innovative business with a venture company × NTT Data × major company)

Award for Excellence

Introduced “Unlimited Hand”, and gave a speech about changing society in the future through the body-sharing platform business that will lead the post-VR era.
“NTT DATA Open Innovation Forum “
The 3rd VR opens up new business opportunities

Presentation and Discussion

H2L’s UnlimitedHand tactile game controller on display in the Venture University area.
ILS 2016 Venture Pitch(Sponsored by Japan Finance Corporation)

Realization of the ultimate remote experience system
NVCC Technology Seminar “The Future of Robots Walking the Streets

Panel Discussion
Can Surrogates, the Ultimate Robotic Society in VR, be Realized?
(Mr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, Mr. Kota Minamisawa , Mr. Kenichiro Iwasaki)
Sony First Flight “Pioneering Post-VR! Tactile Game Controller Ideathon”

First stage of a hackathon series using H2L’s product “UnlimitedHand”, winner of the “Sony – Startup Switch” business contest.
7th Smips, Entertainment and Intellectual Property Subcommittee

“New entertainment experiences created by tactile VR”
2017Foebes JAPAN

H2L,Inc was introduced in the article “”The World’s Attention! 50 Promising Startups in Japan”.
SONY “First Flight Ginza”
“Talk event by UnlimitedHand developers”(January 18, 20, 23, 25, 27)
Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)

Exhibition of UnlimitedHand as the winner of the “1st Sony -Startup Switch
(January 16-31, 2017)

Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2017(in Munich)

Gaming & Lifestyle category winner

(29 finalists were selected from over 400 applications from each country to pitch, and the winner will be determined in each of 6 categories.)
JISA’s “3rd Next Generation IoT Workshop”

Workshop Lecturer:Kenichiro Iwasaki

Part 1 : Programming Environment Setup
LED Flashing Control
JISA’s “3th Next Generation IoT Workshop”

Workshop Lecturer:Kenichiro Iwasaki

2/18/2017 〜 6/24/2017, 12 classes in total.

H2L,Inc was selected for “NEDO’s grant program”

H2L Corporation applied for an alliance as Sony Corporation and was selected as a grant-eligible SCA (research and development venture)
UnlimitedHand was featured in NHK’s “Science ZERO” program “The Latest Game Technology”.
Intelligent Functional Reconstruction of the Hand (IFRH)
(IFRH was held concurrently with the “60th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand” International Congress of the Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand.)

Poster session 
UnlimitedHand: Touch and the Game World
Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)
Kenichiro Iwasaki’s interview was published in the magazine “Entrepreneur Club”.

Startup Venture 73: “Pioneering a New World with Tactile Devices.”
The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Dojo (13th term), 2017


Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)
About the process of starting a business, the real business scene, the difference between research and business, and startups as a career.

“Tokyo Game Show 2017”

Press releases for “First-VR”

Talk Events with Mr. Shun Kubota, CEO, MoguraVR Inc. and Kenichiro Iwasaki, CEO, H2L,Inc.
2018CES 2018 in Las Vegas

First VR and UnlimitedHand

New product FirstVR’s first overseas exhibition.
Many visitors experienced the main content “Mother -in-chaos” and enjoyed VR game operation by muscle input.

UnlimitedHand and the new FirstVR were displayed and demonstrated at the booth.
Visitors experienced UnlimitedHand as a new tactile interface utilizing NTT’s “hitoe®” evaluation technology.

JISA’s “4th Next Generation IoT Workshop”

Workshop Lecturer:Kenichiro Iwasaki

3/3/2018 〜 7/21/2018, 12 classes in total.

NTT Technology Journal 2018 vol.30 No.5

Kenichiro Iwasaki’s interview was published.

“Results of H2L×NTT Collaboration|Development of a new tactile interface using the functional material hitoe®”.
“International Start-up Spritzer” ASIA EDITION

(The event will feature pitches by startups from Israel, Japan, Singapore, and Korea.
The 10 Asian startups selected from more than 120 applicants will participate in goAustria, a two-week incubation program of the Global Incubator Network.)

A two-week incubation program was offered in Vienna from October 01 to October 12, 2018.
The program concluded with a “Demo Day – Let’s Talk Money” in cooperation with the Vienna Business Agency, where startups pitched in front of potential business partners and investors and met with Margarete Schramböck, Austria’s Minister of Digital and Federal The event was attended by over 100 participants.
Announced the start of the “FIRST VR Distance Learning Project” in collaboration with the Okinawa STEM Education Center.

(FirstVR is used as a means of inputting hand movements and as a means of communication to remote locations. The hand movements are linked to each other, making the means of communication and instruction feel more realistic.)
“FirstVR Exercise” Press Release

(FirstVR’s controller with muscle displacement sensor checks the user’s muscle bulges (muscle displacement) and body movements, and measures whether the user is performing the movements correctly.)
Competition for World Dissemination hosted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Product and Technology (Venture Technology) Category
Grand Prize

Technology & Products:“UnlimitedHand” and “FirstVR”
Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)

2019H2L ‘Inc. and NTT Docomo,Inc. announce collaboration to create new services using BodySharing technology and 5G.
Athlete Port-D : Solving Athletes’ Challenges with the Power of Technology

(The project aims to realize technology-based solutions to problems faced by athletes and the sports marketing field, and to create innovations in the sports field.)

Introducing “Optical Active Sensing”, a product that can measure muscle displacement during exercise to help athletes manage their condition, improve their performance, and prevent injury.
Interview in “Business Concept Monthly (April 2019)”

“VR Devices that Convey a Sense of Touch: Sharing Real-Time Experiences with 5G
(Kenichiro Iwasaki, H2L)”
JISA’s “5th Next Generation IoT Workshop”

Workshop Lecturer:Kenichiro Iwasaki

3/2/2019 〜7/20/2019, 12 classes in total.

“UT-virtual” study group (University of Tokyo)

“From Tactile VR to BodySharing – The Third UI Revolution”
“BodyShating Robotics”.

Presentation of collaboration between “H2L’s Bodysharing Technology” and “Robot Arm (Kawabuchi Machinery Technology Institute)”. 

A controller equipped with a muscle displacement sensor that detects hand movement has made possible technology to operate a robot arm.
The 1st Neuro-Stimulation Interface (NSI)

“A Method for Confirming Muscle Response Transition during Electrical Stimulation Using an IR Sensor Array,”
Tetsushi Hosono, Kenichiro Iwasaki, and Emi Tamaki
JISA’s The “First AI System Construction Workshop” 

Workshop Lecturer:Kenichiro Iwasaki

(Course content is the same as the 6/20/2019 and 7/23/2019 course)

UT virtual (University of Tokyo)

“H2L Inc. study group”
H2L,Inc. releases “ReBorn” exercise application.

FirstVR measures muscle bulge and converts it into data using muscle displacement sensors, and also converts it into data on body posture using acceleration gyro-sensors.
This application supports the user in performing correct exercises based on the information on muscle bulge and body posture.
“Canon magazine 2019 Autumn vol.94 “Special Feature : Game Change Begins with 5G” (p5)

Reproduction of “body movements” and “tactile sensations” will be the key to information transmission in the 5G era?
H2L,Inc. announces the development of the “VTuver Tool App” for Interlocking Hands with “First-VR”

Virtual characters and hand movements are linked with FirstVR and smartphones. Connecting the smartphone and FirstVR via Bluetooth®, it takes less than two minutes to set up the linkage, and you can enjoy VTuber immediately.
“THero Global Start-up Competition 2019 Tokyo Preliminary Competition”

H2L was selected as a finalist
(advanced to the final in Guangzhou on November 3)


“ReBorn”, an exercise app that uses the latest technology muscle mutation sensor to measure muscle bulge.
Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)
“CEATEC 2019” H2L to Exhibit Jointly with Palonium,Inc

“First-VR” x “TIG” New Interactive Video Service.
(A video service that allows users to gesture information on video using “First-VR”, and to stock and access information on video using “TIG”)
The 7th Annual Jibun House Symposium.

Talk Session: How will 5G x BodySharing x XR change our lives?

At the symposium, DOCOMO, H2L, and Jibun House held a dialogue about future lifestyles and technologies made possible by 5G.
H2L products were also exhibited and demonstrated on the day.
THero Global Start-up Competition 2019 ( in Guangzhou, China)
JISA’s The “Machine Learning for Building AI Systems Lecture”

Lecturer:Kenichiro Iwasaki

(Course content is the same as the 11/7/2019 and 12/4/2019 course)

Oita Prefecture × NTT Docomo,Inc. × H2L,Inc.

“Advanced Technology × Study Session to Solve Local Issues Using 5G”
HIMSS & Health 2.0 Japan 2019

Sessions on Technology to Extend “Human”

Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)
Introduction of the tactile game controller “Unlimited Hand” and a panel discussion on the realization of “body sharing” sensory transmission
2019 International Robot Exhibition. 

“Kayak robot” , jointly developed by H2L,Inc. and NTT Docomo,Inc.
Users can remotely experience the resistance and sway of the water with this kayak robot.
“Face Sharing™️”
(technology to reproduce mouth movements and facial expressions of others on your face in real time)

NTT DOCOMO,Inc. and H2L,Inc. announced that they have jointly developed.
2020SHINAGAWA Innovation Forum 2020

Creating New Shared Experiences through 5G x BodySharing

Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,h2L,inc.)
Introduction of R&D and commercialization of BodySharing, the next generation sensory transmission technology, various examples of BodySharing, and tele-operation robots using 5G.
Oita Prefecture × NTT Docomo × H2L
“Oita Prefecture Attractiveness Expansion Hackathon”
The 14th Saitama Robot Business Shorts

Lecture on the Possibility of BodySharing.

Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)

Demonstration of wrist and finger movement under the direction of a controller equipped with muscle displacement sensors.
Docomo 5G Open Lab®OKINAWA

At docomo 5G Open Lab® OKINAWA, a demonstration experiment was conducted to remotely operate a kayak by actually wearing VR. The distance between the kayak and the Okinawa National College of Technology, where the kayak was installed, is approximately 50 kilometers.

When you actually paddle, you can feel the resistance and weight of the water as if you were inserting the oar into the surface of the water. When the paddling action is performed, the VR head-mounted display shows the kayaker’s point of view in the experimental pool without time lag, and the vibration of the chair is reproduced along with the rocking of the kayak, making the experience of kayaking very realistic.

“Fobes JAPAN”

Article on “Holo’D”, a product developed by H2L,Inc.

“HoloD”is a system that can project remote workers onto a transparent hologram.
H2L,Inc. Selected as a Venture to “Build a Post-Corona Society”
by the Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA)

H2L announces development of “Holo’D” (a remote work system based on hologram and body information transmission technology)
Morning Pitch 2020/06/11

Theme : “Time Enablement” is a rapidly growing need due to COVID-19

Next Generation Experience Sharing A proposal for remote work using “Holo’D”, one of the “BodySharing” technologies that communicate body movements.

Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)

Remote Work with “Holo’D”
Transparent holograms transmit images and body movements to the workplace, enabling communication as if you were in the workplace, just like in the real world.

Speaks at “DOCOMO Open House 2020” Open Seminar
Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)
JISA’s “6th Next Generation IoT Workshop”

Workshop Lecturer:Kenichiro Iwasaki

7/4/2020 〜 9/26/2020, 12 classes in total.

AIST “FY2020 FIoT Consortium 2nd Research Meeting”


Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)
“Sensory sharing with virtual and remote sightseeing robots by BodySharing
SSH Training Lecture “How to Turn Your Love into a Job” at Tama High School of Science and Technology, Tokyo, Japan
The New Value Creation Exhibition 2020

Presenting a seminar
“BodySharing in the Age of With Corona – Examples of Use in Remote Work and Remote Tourism”
kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)
2021“10X Innovation Lab” (Silicon Valley Program)

Kenichiro Iwasaki(H2L,Inc.CEO) was a presenter at the “NEDO Japanese pitch”, a program of the “10x Innovation Lab”.

“10x Innovation Lab” is a transnational innovation agency that provides entrepreneurship, education, and innovation programs to governments, businesses, and entrepreneurs. The Silicon Valley-based institution provides unique access to this ecosystem, opening the door to investment opportunities, partnerships, and access to the wealth of knowledge that exists in Silicon Valley.
H2L selected as a semi-finalist for the “ANA Avatar XPRIZE
JISA’s “7th Next Generation IoT Workshop”

Workshop Lecturer:Kenichiro Iwasaki

5/15/2021 〜 9/25/2021, 12 classes in total.
Ito Ultrashort Wave Corporation and H2L,Inc Rehabilitation Equipment Joint Development
(Rehabilitation equipment for hand movement using H2L’s PossessedHand and BodySharing technologies for paraplegic patients with spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders)