UnlimitedHand is the world’s first video game controller with newly developed tactile feedback technology.

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“First VR”

First VR is VR device equipped world’s first controller muscle displacement sensors that can be operated by moving hands and arms.

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HoloD is a technology that uses holograms to transmit images and body movements to the office. By using “HoloD,” office workers can talk to remote workers as if they were actually present in the office, or show objects to remote workers through a camera installed in a transparent hologram, enabling communication similar to that of other office workers. The system is designed to be used in a wide variety of situations.

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”Face Sharing”

FiceSharing is a technology that reproduces the mouth movements of others by stimulating the muscles around the mouth to contract with electrical stimulation from a device attached to the cheek. In addition to other people’s mouth movements, it can also reproduce mouth movements specified by artificial intelligence (AI).

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