Name : Ken Iwasaki (岩﨑 健一郎)
Nationally: Japan
Birthday: 11・ 4・ 1984


Researcher & Developer of ComputerScience

IoT Workshop Prototyping Course

Supporting Venture Businesses( Angel investment / Advisor / Consultant )

Ken Iwasaki got his B.S. (Biochemistry) and M.S. (Computer Science) in 2008, 2010, respectively. His main research area is Human Computer Interaction. When he was a graduate student, he was selected as a creator of IPA:Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program) and learned R&D and project management. After he graduated, he experienced business consulting at Accenture, and R&D management at RIKEN (Brain Science Institute). In 2012, he co-founded H2L, Inc. He takes advantage of his unique experience of both business and research to make research-stage technologies into products.

He developed ”UnlimitedHand” with Dr.Tamaki , which turns the body itself into an information presentation device. In 2015, he pitched H2L’s new product “UnlimitedHand” at Startup Battlefield in TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco.
H2L is the only Japanese company to be selected for the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield, an international pitch contest in 2015. During that event, he launched a campaign on Kickstarter and reached the goal of $20,000 on the first day.
They have been conducting R&D on Body-Sharing, and have developed FIRST VR and FaceSharing, which link the technology of functional electrical stimulation that gives tactile sensations, etc., with VR and AR.

He enjoys the future he invented!


DateAwards, etc.
2007 iGEM,2007
(iGEM is an international competition in which teams of students from various fields compete for the concept and feasibility of genetically engineered artificial biological systems.)

Gold Medal

Tokyo Tech / Tokyo Alliance ( Tokyo Tech , Kyoto Univ. , Tohoku Univ. )
Received the Gold Award for its development, creation of a new promoter, and strategy for developing a gene circuit under the theme of “Differentiating E. coli.”
2008 Selected as an ” MiTou(Unexplored) Youth creators (for the first half of 2008) “
(This project was launched with the aim of discovering super creators in the field of unexplored software creation projects.)
“Development of chat communication method using biometric information”
2010 Selected for the “MiTOU Program (In the second half of 2009) “
(This project was launched with the aim of discovering super creators in the field of unexplored software creation projects.)
“BlueFairy: Developing a Location-Sharing SNS Platform”
2014 “MiTou Exchange Meeting vol.14” / “The 4th Akiba Techno Club Open Seminar in 2014”
Short presentation

An overview of the “2014 Plot Typing Course for Working Adults” held on September 13 in a vacant storefront at the Akihabara Radio Store as an interim report.
2015 TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield SF 2015
(Silicon Valley-based technology media event in the U.S.)

H2L,Inc. is the first Japanese company selected for the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield.

U.S. Media Panel Innovation Awards
Selected as a Finalist

(U.S. journalists in the IT and consumer electronics fields will conduct in-depth coverage of the technologies, products and services exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN, from which innovative products with high impact on the U.S. market will be selected and awarded.)
Morning Pitch Special Edition 2015
(This is a special year-end event of Morning Pitch, a startup venture pitch event held by Tohmatsu Venture Support and Nomura Securities.)

Special Theme : Venture Businesses Taking on the World from a Medium- to Long-Term Perspective

Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)

Winner of the Audience Award.
2016 Infinity Ventures Summit 2016 Spring Miyazaki
Launch Pad
Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)

2nd, H2L.Inc.  
“Unlimited Hand”, the world’s first tactile game controller
Sony Startup Switch
(Business plan competition for startups organized by Sony’s new business creation program “Seed Acceleration Program”.)

2017 4th From the Port of Toyosu Presents Open Innovation Business Contest
(Creation of innovative business with a venture company × NTT Data × major company)

Award for Excellence

Introduced “Unlimited Hand”, and gave a speech about changing society in the future through the body-sharing platform business that will lead the post-VR era.
Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2017(in Munich)
Gaming & Lifestyle category winner
(29 finalists were selected from over 400 applications from each country to pitch, and the winner will be determined in each of 6 categories.)
2018 Competition for World Dissemination hosted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Product and Technology (Venture Technology) Category
Grand Prize
Technology & Products:“UnlimitedHand” and “FirstVR”
2019 “THero Global Start-up Competition 2019 Tokyo Preliminary Competition”

H2L was selected as a finalist
(advanced to the final in Guangzhou on November 3)

Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.)
“ReBorn”, an exercise app that uses the latest technology muscle mutation sensor to measure muscle bulge.

THero Global Start-up Competition 2019 ( in Guangzhou, China)
Association for Computing Machinery FirstVR: A Muscle Deformation Sensors Array Device to Detect Finger Gestures and Noise Reduction Case
受賞者: Emi Tamaki, Satoshi Hosono, Ken Iwasaki”
2020 H2L,Inc. Selected as a Venture to “Build a Post-Corona Society”
by the Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA)
2021 “10X Innovation Lab”(Silicon Valley Program)
Kenichiro Iwasaki was a presenter at the “NEDO Japanese pitch”, a program of the “10x Innovation Lab”.
H2L selected as a semi-finalist for the “ANA Avatar XPRIZE