H2L,Inc.”THero Global Start-up Competition 2019 ( in Guangzhou, China)”

After being selected as one of the top three finalists in the Tokyo competition in September 2019, H2L participated in the final, “THero Global Start-up Competition 2019 ( in Guangzhou, China)”, where it pitched and exhibited.
Terrence, an evangelist from H2L Corporation, gave a pitch at this competition.

The top 27 teams from the international competition competed fiercely in this competition. In a “5+3” live roadshow + defense format, each team had 5 minutes to present their project and 3 minutes for questions from the judges, with scoring based on market opportunity, founding team, product innovation, market response, and scalability. The top 10 teams will be rigorously selected.
H2L,Inc. was presented with a certificate as one of the 27 teams that advanced to the final round!

At the exhibition, many visitors came to H2L’s booth to show their support. We also had a chance to interact with Chinese people, which made the exhibition enjoyable !

THero Global Start-up Competition 2019 ( in Guangzhou, China)