H2L,Inc. was selected as a finalist in the “THero Global Start-up Competition 2019 Tokyo Preliminary Round”!

ReBorn“, an exercise app that measures muscle bulge with the latest technology muscle mutation sensor.

H2L,Inc. was selected as a finalist in this competition and qualified for the finals to be held in Guangzhou on November 3.

This startup competition is organized by the Tianhe District Chinese People’s Government, the China Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Committee, and the China Guangzhou Industry and Information Technology Commission, and managed by the Tianhe District Science, Technology and Information Technology Industrial Bureau and Management Committee.
The winning projects in this competition will be provided with a series of preferential support, including industrial development and scientific and technological innovation, etc. 

This year’s “THero Global Start-up Competition 2019 ” will have overseas convention venues in nine international innovation cities – San Francisco Bay Area, New York Bay Area, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo Bay Area, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Berlin, and Paris – and is expected to attract at least 600 global innovation projects, reportedly attracting the participation of at least 600 global.

[ About “ReBorn” ]
ReBorn“, an exercise application developed by H2L ,Inc.
This application uses muscle displacement sensors and acceleration gyro-sensors on “First-VR” to support the user in performing correct exercises based on information about muscle bulging and body posture.
In addition, the voice of the male trainer who supports the exercisers in the application was voiced by voice actor Kenji Hamada.

THero Global Start-up Competition 2019 Tokyo Preliminary Round