H2L,Inc. won the Audience Award at” the Morning Pitch Special 2015″.

Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.) spoke at “Morning Pitch Special 2015”.
H2L Corporation won the “Audience Award “at “the Morning Pitch Special 2015” !
“Morning Pitch Special 2015” is a special year-end event of Morning Pitch, a startup venture pitch event held by Tohmatsu Venture Support and Nomura Securities.
The special theme of this year’s event was “Venture Companies Taking on the World ” from a Medium- to Long-Term Perspective.
Kenichiro Iwasaki(CEO,H2L,Inc.) introduced the “UnlimitedHand” developed by H2L,Inc under the theme “Challenge to the World. This device provides a sense of touch by giving electrical signals, and can reproduce the weight of a bird on the fingertip or the recoil of a gun held in the hand. He also explained that it is possible to save data and reproduce the finger movements of a professional playing the zither.

“Morning Pitch Special 2015”